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Osteoporosis → Hip & other fractures

Osteoporosis is the main cause of all fractures in women post-menopause and older men. These fractures are a great public health concern:

  • 21-30% of people die within 12 months after hip fracture
  • Among survivors, many have chronic pain, loss of mobility (40% who experience any osteoporotic fracture are unable to walk independently at 1 year; 60% require assistance with at least 1 essential activity of daily life) and must enter long-term care facilities
  • 10% mortality rate after rib fracture; 8x increase in mortality rate after vertebral fracture
  • $400k yearly spent per U.S. patient for hip fracture care – not including long-term care
  • $141k-146k care + $46k work absence, disability per vertebral fracture
  • The annual cost of osteoporotic fractures for the Medicare population alone was $57 billion in 2018 and forecast to rise to over $95 billion by 2040 with the aging population