Bone Density Inc

Our approach

Osteoporosis → Hip & other fractures

BDI’s osteoporosis and bone fracture diagnostics & prediction (enables prevention) from routine, existing CT images        removes the barriers to screening:

  1. Reduces/eliminates screening burden:  the already large and growing number of CT scans each year for various other clinical indications (e.g., lung cancer screening, abdominal and chest pain, etc.) allows for the ‘opportunistic’ use of the rich – and significantly untapped – data contained within those already-existing CT scans. Including:

    Leverages already-existing CTs for osteoporosis screening/BMD assessment

         ✓ No ‘additional’ radiation, patient or other burden, cost, equipment or staffing.

  2. CT’s greater accuracy and breadth of bone (and other) data vis-a-vis DXA:


Even expert radiologists cannot determine unaided osteopenia/osteoporosis from CT scans. 

Requires precise quantitative measurements and other analytics.

Hence the need for software-assisted physician osteoporosis screening