Bone Density Inc

Fits in existing workflow

Better/earlier detection of osteoporosis → Enables earlier treatment and fracture prevention

Step 1

Provider orders bone density study
  • Patients CPT 77078 covers: women ≥ 50 yrs old + older men + younger women & men deemed by providers to have elevated osteoporosis/fracture risk factors
  • EHR searches if patient has prior or is getting CT with vertebra or hip; [only] if none, do DXA scan

Step 2

Algorithms scan/analyze existing CT

  • BDI algorithms scan image for vertebra and hip targets
  • Labels + quantitative and qualitative analysis of detected targets
  • Deployment: cloud or hybrid cloud as user desires

Step 3

BDI expert physician reviews and finalizes report
  • Review, modify (if necessary) and finalize report
  • Final report sent to provider who ordered

Step 4

BDI Report
  • We utilize the subject’s heart density, chest wall/abdominal or hip fat to calibrate the patient, CT scanner and scan parameters to ensure the most accurate measure of individual BMD

Step 5

EHR includes physician approved BDI report
  • BDI report in EHR accessible by patients’ providers

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