Bone Density Inc

BDI Benefits

Better/earlier detection of osteoporosis → Enables earlier treatment and fracture prevention

Seamless for patients, providers and payers

  • No extra time, cost or other burden for osteoporosis screening because we use patients’ existing CTs (ordered for other purposes)
  • Service blends within existing workflows (easy to automate enterprise-wide as desired):
    • Provider orders BDI BMD study on patient’s CT:  payers cover (e.g., CPT 77078:  waives patient co-pay/deductible)
    • BDI report outputs to EHR with standard T and Z scores (gold standard BMD assessments of osteopenia and osteoporosis)

Safe:  unlike DXA, zero (0) additional radiation:

  • Patient’s image we use already exists:  no new imaging required

Saves payers and providers $$

  • No additional imaging, equipment or staffing required. Our use of existing CTs eliminates need for DXA imaging/screening.
  • No cost increase to the health system:  osteoporosis screening is already budgeted/encouraged (CPT codes, etc.) because of proven overall $$ savings from early detection/treatment
  • If BDI determines the patient’s BMD is normal, obviates the need for DXA imaging of that patient

Highly accurate (> DXA)

  • …  as shown in our and others’ published, peer-reviewed studies and real world clinical use of BDI
  • For abnormal BDI screening findings, DXA follow-up is reimbursed by payers. 

Fast:  rapid turnaround, report generation.


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