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Better/earlier detection of osteoporosis → Enables earlier treatment and fracture prevention

Ronald P. Karlsberg, MD
Clinical Professor of Medicine,
Cedars Sinai Heart Institute and
the David Geffen School of Medicine

“At Cardiovascular Medical Group of Southern California, we enjoy access to the most advanced, innovative health technologies – resulting in the best care for our patients.  Osteoporosis is an underdiagnosed and often overlooked condition that can have catastrophic consequences for our aging population.  We have determined that BDI’s osteoporosis screening and analytics is one of a handful of truly move-the-needle technologies for patient care that has made a substantial improvement in our ability to deliver state of the art care to our patients.

In our practice, which has advanced CT imaging, patients who have previously ignored osteoporosis commonly are imaged or screened for other conditions (e.g., cardiac, cancer, pain, etc.).  These acquired images are analyzed using BDI’s revolutionary technology-enabled service to estimate osteoporosis and fracture risk quickly, accurately, economically, and unobtrusivelyNo additional imaging required:  no additional radiation, no additional patient time or other burden, no provider or payer workflow change, no additional cost and importantly no additional equipment.  We simply could not provide this level of personalized care without BDI.

This is clearly a win-win-win for patients, providers, payers, and the health system.

We strongly advise radiology, endocrinology, OB/GYN, primary care and other providers to evaluate this important paradigm shift BDI enables that expands and improves the delivery of care for better outcomes.

“Opportunistic CT is a rapid and reproducible method of screening patients for osteoporosis, and may even show significant bone loss before it can be detected with DXA. Furthermore, by identifying patients at risk for osteoporotic fracture who would otherwise not undergo DXA testing or be diagnosed with osteoporosis, opportunistic screening using CT has the potential to shift the existing diagnostic paradigm and ultimately improve patient care.”

Leon Lenchik, MD
Professor, Radiology,
Chief of Musculoskeletal Imaging

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