Bone Density Inc

Bone Density International

Bone and related health analytics from routine, existing medical images

Company Overview

Bone Density International is a technology enabled service offered by LA-based spinout of Harbor-UCLA, co-founded by Dr. Matt Budoff. BDI’s proprietary, patented, clinically validated bone health algorithms help diagnose and predict early osteoporosis and bone fractures using existing CT images. This technology can also indicate cardiovascular and diabetes risks. BDI is widely covered by payers, with CPT code 77078 for osteoporosis screening from CT images.

Our Tech-Enabled Service Solution

“Opportunistic CT is a rapid and reproducible method of screening patients for osteoporosis, and may even show significant bone loss before it can be detected with DXA. Furthermore, by identifying patients at risk for osteoporotic fracture who would otherwise not undergo DXA testing or be diagnosed with osteoporosis, opportunistic screening using CT has the potential to shift the existing diagnostic paradigm and ultimately improve patient care.”

Team Leaders

Our team leaders are the backbone of our organization, with years of experience and expertise in their respective fields. They are dedicated professionals who strive to provide the best possible solutions to our clients. Their leadership and guidance inspire our team members to achieve their full potential and drive our organization towards success. We are proud to have such talented individuals leading our team.

Jonathan Taub


Mr. Taub, a Wharton and Harvard Law graduate, was President of VoxelCloud, EVP at Acacia Research, and co-founder/CEO of Epirium Bio. He also worked in strategic alliances at Microsoft and business development at Nortel Networks after the acquisition of Epicon.
Matthew Budoff, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Matthew Budoff, a top cardiologist and researcher, is Professor of Medicine at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine and Endowed Chair of Preventive Cardiology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He is a leading expert in coronary calcium and bone health, and a highly cited clinician in medical journals.

Chris Dailing


Chris send Jon bio
SongShou Mao, MD

Chief Scientist

Dr. Mao is a senior researcher and radiology scientist who has conducted leading clinical research at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center’s Lundquist Institute. He is the primary inventor of our phantom-less bone density analytics, and drives our ongoing R&D in this field.

Learn more about osteopenia and osteoporosis

1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men 50+ yrs old will experience an osteoporotic fracture(s).

Problem We Address

Ostopenia/Osteoporosis is pervasive among and severely impacts middle age+ adults, irrespective of gender, geography, ethnicity and socio-economic status

75% of those with osteoporosis are undiagnosed

Ronald P. Karlsberg, MD Clinical Professor of Medicine, Cedars Sinai Heart Institute and the David Geffen School of Medicine

Example Customer Feedback: Cedars Sinai

“At Cardiovascular Medical Group of Southern California, and through our research foundation the Cardiovascular Research Foundation of Southern California, we enjoy access to the most advanced, innovative health technologies resulting in the best care for our patients. Osteoporosis is an underdiagnosed and often overlooked condition that can have catastrophic consequences for our aging population. We have determined that BDI’s osteoporosis screening and analytics is one of a handful of truly move-the-needle technologies for patient care that has made a substantial improvement in our ability to deliver state of the art care to our patients.   In our practice, which has advanced CT imaging, patients who have previously ignored osteoporosis commonly are imaged or screened for other conditions (e.g., cardiac, cancer, pain, etc.). These acquired images are analyzed using BDI’s revolutionary technology to estimate osteoporosis and fracture risk quickly, accurately, economically, and unobtrusively. No additional imaging required:  no additional radiation, no additional patient time or other burden, no provider or payer workflow change, no additional cost and importantly no additional equipment. We simply could not provide this level of personalized care without BDI.   This is clearly a win-win-win for patients, providers, payers, and the health system.   We strongly advise radiology, endocrinology, OB/GYN, primary care and other providers to evaluate this important paradigm shift BDI enables that expands and improves the delivery of care for better outcomes.”

Queen Consort reveals both her mother and grandmother died of osteoporosis; urges older people to get checked for the “devastating” bone disease. Camilla said her relatives had the condition during a time when it was “rarely diagnosed” and “seldom discussed”.

The disease, which causes bones to break more easily, affects 50% of women over 50 in the UK.